Colors Smart Deals on Smartphones

Monday 14 August 2017

Colors Mobile offers heavy price cuts on selected smartphones with a free Power Bank for a limited time period.

Colors Mobile Nepal announces smartest deal of the year with a heavy price drop alongside a free 10,000mAh Power Bank on some of its best smartphones this year for a limited period of time. Therefore, with the start of the festival seasons, if any smartphone enthusiasts have been looking to buy a smartphone, Colors Mobile Nepal gives the perfect opportunity to invest in one.

Colors Elite E15, Elite E20 and Colors k3, which were the talk of the town smartphones are now available with a great deal, but for a limited period of time. According to the sources, this price drop will be on till the start of the festival this year. Colors E15, which is the power source smartphone, sporting 5,000mAh battery that lasts for 59 days straight on standby, is screen layered with Dragon Trail glass with 6 months replacement warranty. Now, you can get it on smart deal at the price of Nrs. 12,495 which initially was priced Nrs. 13,995. In same line series, E20 which features a bigger 5.5inch display screen is a perfectly designed smartphone, with several incomparable features, is now available at Nrs. 13,995 which was initially priced Nrs. 15,595.

Under the premium range smartphones, Colors k3, which features 3GB RAM 32 GB of internal storage is an unmatchable powerful phone that can handle various games/ applications and a perfect fit for hardcore smartphone enthusiasts. This victor piece is now priced at Nrs. 15,995 along with a FREE 10,000mAh POWERBANK, which was initially priced Nrs. 17,495.

“The whole idea behind giving away our best line-up smartphones on such a heavy price drop is to celebrate the start of the festival this year. The feel of the ownership of smartphones that too in such a heavy price drop is the smartest deal we can offer, along with a POWERBANK free”, says Raj Jung Thapa, Marketing Manager of Colors Mobile Nepal.